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All our puppies require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $500 to be placed on our waiting list for available puppies. Show homes will always be given first picks of all litters after we have chosen our prospects. Pet homes will be on a first come (deposit recieved) first pick basis for available pet puppies. We enourage you to do as much research on the Bulldog breed as you can find, join the local Bulldog Club and BCA where you will be able to meet other Bulldog owners who can help you decide if a Bulldog is right for you. A puppy is a lifetime commitment. We encourage you to do alot of research on Bulldogs as they are different from other breeds. Find a veterinarian who has a lot of experience in Bulldogs rather than one who does not. Get involved with your local Bulldog Club and also the Bulldog Club of America, these organizations have the best information and people to help you understand your Bulldogs needs. If there are ever any questions or something you don't understand about your Bulldog don't hesitate to ask. Your puppy/dogs health and wellbeing depends on you. A puppy is a LIFETIME commitment please do your research BEFORE purchasing a puppy.

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