CMT's Champagn's Jasmin The Intimidator



+ Sire - CH. Rojas's The Return

+ Dam - CH. CMT's Wynonna The Intimidator

+ Owners/Breeders - Christina Neff & Lenny Harris

+ Hyperuricosuria - Result: N/N - No copies of hyperuricosuria mutation; dog is normal

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About Jasmin

Jasmin is a very nice, sound, standard girl. She has a straight jaw with a gorgeous upturn, nice length of skull, beautiful depth of chest with perfect movement and a beautiful straight standard tail. She is extremely loving and doesn't know a stranger. She is a wonderful mother and great producer of sound, healthy, beautiful puppies. Watch for her in the ring in 2013.

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Jasmin's Photos

Coming soon!

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Jasmin's Pedigree

CH. Rojas's The Return CH. Glendars Dylan CH. Beauties Amos
CH. Glendars Shes A Beauty
Roja's Salma CH. Silverspoons Nothing Personal
Little Ponds Kate
CH. CMT's Wynonna The Intimidator CH. Phenix's High Voltage CH. Beefeater's Line Backer
Phenix's Sadi Is No Lady
Beefeater's Oscar Myra At Phenix CH. Phenix's Little Pond Oscar
CH. Beefeater's Myra

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